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Shiro-kokoro's Profile Picture

Artist | Student
I give llamas because I like to; instead of thanking me for them how about giving one back? ^.^

I am an aspiring artist and writer, learning to use my gifts for the One that gave them to me--there is certainly a lot of learning to be done.
Franklin and I got tagged by :iconusagiyogurt:.

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other characters.
3. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Young Hero by Shiro-kokoro
(This is not a recent picture oh my goodness he's changed so much since then...)

1~ He has a superpower: to control electricity.
2~ An aspiring superhero, he calls himself the Spark.
3~ Everyone around him calls him Sparky.
4~ He's been homeschooled his whole life so far.
5~ At eleven years old, he can't legally join his city's super-team, but he follows them around anyway.
6~ He's learning parkour — the key word being learning. He still falls flat on his face.
7~ He lives in Canada. (And I do not. We make fun of each other.)
8~ He's going to be the star of Power It Up, a webcomic that I hope to launch this year.

Ummmm. ... If you've read this far and you want to do one of these for your character, consider yourself tagged? xP
Oh, wait, I do have one to tag. :iconpuresilver995:, any of your characters. -.-
(If tagbacks are allowed, :iconusagiyogurt:, Rosaline. whistling smiley)


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